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Welcome to Drawings by Laurie! I thank you for visiting my website. I look forward to bringing you information and guidance to assist you in connecting with Spirit.

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As a little girl growing up in North Carolina during the 1840’s, Lizzy experiences more than any human soul should ever have to. When a stranger comes to sit beside her in the cotton fields of the plantation she lived and worked on, she receives a revelation of a hope that many slaves prayed for at that time. But to realize it, Lizzy had to tell her story. Buy Lizzy Here.


My first book, Stepping through the Doorways of the Soul contains a collection of stories about Past Life experiences and is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as on BookCountry.

My Journey

Energy Wash Painting

Most of my life, I have been on a spiritual path, seeking truths on life and the afterlife. A few years ago I began questioning why I was even here. Why am I not making a difference for humanity?

So, I made a decision to walk away from my oppressive and overtaxing job allowing me time to develop another way of life. I was intrigued with past lives and that intrigue led me to take another direction. I felt the need to find joy in what I do as my work while showing love and compassion to others. As a part of this process, I sought out past life regressionist, Jean Luo and did a session with her.  I was amazed at what I experienced!

Sometime after my regression, I began to feel a strong pull to do something artistic, but had no talent or direction. I turned to Intuitive Writing instructor, Linda Zeppa to help me enhance my creativity. I then began to release the creativity that had been stifled for so many years. Linda suggested that I enroll in an intuitive development course. It was during that intuitive development course, I was informed by my teacher, Margaret McElroy, that I was to be a psychic artist. Talk about shocked!

A new talent began to emerge and by the end of that 10 week course I was doing amazing spirit drawings! It was also during that course that I met my guide, Coral Polge. It is she who draws and paints through me. Coral, herself, was a psychic artist in life and is now assisting me from spirit. I sketch portraits of the deceased, as well as drawings of spirit guides, masters, angels and past lives. Having no formal training in art I was now, with her help, putting to paper drawings for others of their past lives and spirit guides.

Within 5 short months my drawings went from faint, simplistic renderings to drawings that are now very detailed and intricate. I also began doing energy paintings during this time. Energy paintings use watercolor pencil and a water wash to produce colorful, healing art. With spirit's assistance, colors are chosen and randomly blocked on watercolor paper. Using a simple water wash, spirit pushes the paint around on the paper. Once dry, messages and at times images, can be seen in a finished painting! Most importantly, healing energy is imprinted into the painting especially for the receiver of the piece.
I am completely amazed at the beautiful drawings and paintings that come through me and I look forward to what I will be doing with my art in the future as it continues to evolve.

How do Spirit Drawings Work?

My guide connects with the guide of the person that I am doing the drawing or painting for. Together they look into the Akashic Records to pull out whatever is needed for that person's highest good. Then I proceed to put to paper "with Coral's help" whatever is communicated to me. Sometimes this communication is only a feeling, conveyed empathically. Images are also used to pass on a much needed message.

There are those who appreciate knowing what their guides look like. Some have said my art has helped to surface past life energy/issues that had needed to be faced and worked through assisting them in their spiritual development. Yet others have experienced the powerful energy of their guides, masters or even angels.

Whether it is a drawing of a past life, spirit guide, master or even those who have passed to spirit; it may not always be what you want to come through at a sitting but it will always be what SPIRIT feels you need to assist you on your path of spiritual growth or for healing.

Any questions can be directed to laurie@drawingsbylaurie.com

Contact by mail can be sent to:
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